한국어, Korean

If you easily get lost or don’t like walking Taxis are very affordable in Korea

Taxi: Tell the driver → Gangdae Jeong Moon CU Martuh Gah Sae Yo (8 Min)
Cost: 3500-4500 Won

If you enjoy walking and want to see a bit of the city then the route is almost completely flat

From the Bus Terminal/e-Mart By Foot: 30 Minutes

As you exit the the Bus Terminal, turn left and walk straight, you should immediately pass E-Mart.20160424_152932
(You will be on (Gyeongchun-ro)

Keep going straight for about 3-4 Minuets.  Until you reach the intersection seen in this <<< photo.

The train tracks will be on the other side of the intersection.  You will turn right and cross the road.


Note you can see the train stain ahead and on the left

20160424_153423(1)Continue walking on (Yeongseo-ro) until you see this footbridge. (3-4 minutes)

You need to cross to the station side of the street.  You can either use the footbridge or the crosswalk that is just past the bridge.

After crossing the street turn right and continue to the next intersection.

                                          Skip to the Next road picture (Hyoja-ro).

From the Train Station By Foot: 20 Minutes (NamChunCheon Station 남춘천역)

<<< Exit the station and turn left down this stairway.


Continue walking straight past the bicycle parking to the first street (Hyoja-ro)

20160424_153741Continue walking straight past the bicycle parking to the first street (Hyoja-ro)

20160424_153746 <<< Turn left on (Hyoja-ro) and walk under the train tracks.

Walk straight to the next intersection

20160424_153923Cross the street and continue going straight down (Hyoja-ro)

20160424_154157<<< you should see this and then….

you should see the bridge to cross the river



After Crossing the river you will be going

slightly down hill.

Walk to the first crosswalk and cross to the right side of the street.

Continue down the right side of the street>> until you reach the next intersection.

20160424_154938at the intersection turn right onto (Gongji-ro)

Walk along (Gongji-ro) until you reach the crosswalk in the next photo

20160424_155225at this cross walk cross over to the left hand side of the street

and continue going down the street to the next intersection.

20160424_155428You will continue going strait.  Cross this cross walk and continue down (Gongji-ro)


At the next intersection you will turn left20160424_15571220160424_155755

You should now be walking down the left hand side of (Baengnyeong-ro)

Walk all the way down to the next intersection where you should see a CU Mart on your left and the entrance to the Kangwon National University in front of you


<<< CU Mart on the left and Entrance to the University

(Baengnyeong-ro) also turns left here

Turn left here

Your almost home!  Walk up the hill for about 50 meters.

Zak’s Guest House is on the left.





Getting to Chuncheon, South Korea

ITX – Takes about 1 hour from Yongsan Station to Nam Chuncheon Station.

Subway – Takes about from Yongsan Station but is also half the price.

Buses in South Korea are very useful. You can travel by bus to Chuncheon from most major cities as well as airports in South Korea.





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